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Club Achievement

Club Achievement Competition

The Tenth District conducts a District Club Achievement competition prior to the national competition. This allows books to be judged and returned in time for clubs to see the comments judges have made, make changes to the books and then submit these to the national competition.


That’s right! Your Entries into the Tenth District Club Achievement Competition are submitted electronically via Dropbox.

The district competition is divided into two competitions; Small Club and Large Club. A $200 cash award is provided for each 1st Place book at the district level. Books entered into the district competition also count as points towards the District Club of the Year Award.

The AAF’s Club Achievement Competition recognizes local advertising clubs for their initiatives in advertising education, communications, club operations, diversity and multicultural initiatives, government relations, membership, programs and public service. The competition was established to honor the significant contributions of the AAF network of professional advertising clubs and to encourage excellence.

This is how it works…

District has set up separate DropBox folders for each Club. During the entry time-frame, access is given to the Club President and Club Achievement Chair to upload entries into that specific folder.

Each President or Club Achievement Chair will place the final entries in the Dropbox folder. Name the entries: CATEGORY_CLUB NAME_YEAR.pdf  (NO OTHER NAMES WILL BE ACCEPTED!)

Each club should submit their entries as if they are mailing them; use the instructions from AAF National (i.e. spacing, grammar, evidence, etc.) to complete each book.

Once the deadline has passed, the DropBox folder will not be reviewed again for late entries.

$8/per Entry is to be mailed to:
Stephanie Price – AAF Amarillo
PO Box 1635, Amarillo, TX 79105
or via PayPal to
(Payment is due on the same day as the deadline.)

Judges notes/scoresheets will be emailed to each Club President timely, so that changes can be made and the books sent to AAF National to meet their deadline. At the national level, first, second and third-place awards are designated in each division within each category. A Club of the Year and President of the Year Award is given to the club in each division whose accomplishments receive the highest scores.

Winners are recognized at ADMERCIA, the AAF’s annual national conference. Significant cash prizes are awarded in several categories.

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Significant cash prizes awarded for winning books!
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2020 Deadline: TBD


Stephanie Price
District Club Achievement Chair

Phone: 806.335.6151
Email Stephanie

“I encourage your Club to enter at least
one Category if you haven’t entered before!”


Division I
500+ Members

Division II
250 – 499 Members

Division III
100 – 249 Members

Division IIII
Less than 100 Members

Division V
AD2 Clubs

These divisions provide for a more equitable competition and an opportunity for any size club to win.

Category Descriptions

Click each category below for details and examples

Advertising Education

The Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising Education Award: At the national level, first place receives $800 and second place receives $400.

There are three areas of concentration in advertising education. These are programs for the professional, student and the general public. These programs improve the skills, professionalism and standards of current and future advertising practitioners through education, as well as provide an understanding of – and confidence in – advertising and its contributions to the community and the economy.

Club Operations

This category focuses on the policies, procedures and leadership development that contribute to the operations of a club or federation.


The Sid Bernstein Communications Award: At the national level, first place receives $1,000.

The Communications category assesses collateral materials and/or websites produced and distributed exclusively for the club or federation.

Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives

The Crain Diversity Grant: At the national level, first place receives $1000.

Projects and programs designed to elevate the practice and presence of multiculturalism in the club or federation through professional development, promotion and inclusion are the focus for the Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives category.

Government Relations

This category examines the projects and programs designed to build effective relations with local, state and national governments. Relationships are developed through the club or federation’s work to initiate favorable legislation, contribute to the defeat of adverse legislation, educate lawmakers and promote industry self-regulation.

Membership Development

This category defines “membership development” as activities designed to enhance local advertising club or federation membership recruitment, retention and involvement.


This category looks at the quality of programming that fosters actively interested membership, well-attended meetings and membership growth.

Public Service

The G.D. Crain Jr. Memorial Award: At the national level, first place receives $1000.

The Public Service category focuses on projects that effectively use advertising techniques to support local, regional and/or national programs on behalf of public interests and/or for community betterment.