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Club Presidents List

2020-2021 Club Presidents


In need of contacting another Tenth District club? No sweat. We’ve put all of the current club Presidents’ names and links to send them an Email! If a club also has an Executive Director, you will also find them below.


AAF N.E. Arkansas
Tracey Steele – President


AAF N.E. Louisiana
Ainslea Snellenberger – President

AAF Shreveport/Bossier
Laurie Priftis – President


AAF Oklahoma City
Bethany Scott – President
Michele Boatman – Executive Secretary
AD2 Oklahoma City
Kayla Stump – President


AAF Amarillo
Honnah Taylor – President
AD 2 Amarillo
Megan Nelson – President
AAF Austin
Kirya Francis – President
Debbie Cleveland – Operations Manager
AD2 Austin
Chris Welhausen – President
AAF Corpus Christi
Jason Page – President
Lexi Buquet – Executive Director
AAF Dallas
Rosie Rosales – President
Allison Ferris – Executive Director
AD 2 Dallas
Kendall Erskin Mason – President
AAF Fort Worth
Katie Betik – President
AAF Houston
Kay Krenek – President
AD 2 Houston
Guido Falconi – President
AAF Lubbock
Jenise Wooten – President
AAF Rio Grande Valley
Kimberly Selber – President
Robin Bullard – Executive Director
AAF San Antonio
Kirsten Forkheim – President

Interested in a Leadership Role?

Kevin Dobbs
District Executive Director

Phone: 123.456.7890
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“Any questions you have about being
a part of District leadership, I am
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Did You Know?

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