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Club Presidents List

2022-2023 Club Presidents


In need of contacting another Tenth District club? No sweat. We’ve put all of the current club Presidents’ names and links to send them an Email! If a club also has an Executive Director, you will also find them below.

If you need contact information for any of these Club Presidents, please contact our Executive Director, Kevin Dobbs. Email | 432.559.8559


AAF N.E. Arkansas
Paige Phillips – President


AAF N.E. Louisiana
Ashley Hubenthal – President

AAF Shreveport/Bossier
Michael Halbrook – President


AAF Oklahoma City
Hannah Landry – President
Michele Boatman – Executive Secretary


AAF Amarillo
Honnah Taylor – President

AD 2 Amarillo
Haley Matlack – President

AAF Austin
Cindy Brummer – Co-President
Helena Abbing – Co-President

AD2 Austin
Victoria Garcia Galarza – President

AAF Corpus Christi
Nancy Miller – President
Lexi Buquet – Executive Director

AAF Dallas
Hilary Watson – President

AD 2 Dallas
Rosa Ramirez – President

AAF East Texas
Austin Sandy – President

AAF Fort Worth
Michael Magnus – President

AAF Houston
Dylan Moore – President

AD 2 Houston
Alex Helou – President

AAF Lubbock
Chris Nazario – President

AAF Rio Grande Valley
Maria Alvarez – President
Robin Bullard – Executive Director

AAF San Antonio
Mark Broderick – President

Interested in a Leadership Role?

Kevin Dobbs
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