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Megan Nelson

Megan Nelson

Ad 2 Representative

Megan Nelson is the Communications and Community Engagement Director for the City of Canyon, a city of 16,000 people in the Texas Panhandle. With over 5 years of experience in marketing and communications for local non-profits, Megan focuses on community-driven and transparent communication strategies.

Megan currently serves the AAF on local, district, and national levels. She is the Past Founding President of Ad 2 Amarillo, the D10 Ad 2 Representative, and is now serving on the Ad 2 National Leadership Board as the 2nd Vice Chair.

Megan first joined AAF Amarillo in 2018, then joined the board in 2019. She was introduced to Ad 2 at the 2019 Club Officer Training and was inspired to bring Ad 2 to the Amarillo market. During the pandemic, Megan worked as the Founding President with her board to create Ad 2 Amarillo. Ad 2 Amarillo officially kicked off in 2021, becoming the 5th Ad 2 in District 10.

At work, Megan is responsible for city-wide and internal communications, branding and design, or crisis communications and media relations on any given day. During her short time at the city, she has gone through the process of verifying their Facebook and Instagram, and recently won the city their first ADDY and TAMI awards.

Megan’s roles locally and at the District include Communications and Web Chair for AAF Amarillo from 2019-2020, Founding President for Ad 2 Amarillo from 2019-2022, Ad 2 Chair for AAF Amarillo from 2021-2022, and Social Media Chair for District 10 from 2021-2022. Megan was also named the 2021 Member of the Year by AAF Amarillo.

Megan’s Day Job:
Communications and Community Engagement Director for the City of Canyon


Megan Nelson – Ad 2 Representative